OpenNebula Edge Operation Reports

ONEedge is an OpenNebula innovation effort for extending private cloud orchestration capabilities to resources at the edge. It is built upon OpenNebula and applies a distributed cloud model to dynamically, and on-demand, build and manage private edge clouds to run edge applications.

The Infrastructure reports, delivered at the end of the Innovation Cycles, summarize the certification infrastructure and processes that we follow in order to verify that software meets the specifications and requirements on functionality, quality and reliability. It also includes a detailed list of the extensions implemented to verify the functionality of the software developed in ONEedge. Tests and extensions of the verification framework are detailed for each component and grouped for each software requirement implemented during the cycle.

The Validation Cases and Demonstrations report, delivered at the end of the Innovation Cycles, summarize the work done to generate actual demonstrations of the project’s capabilities in real life situations and to deploy validation cases for different scenarios.

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