How to Upgrade OpenNebula Enterprise Edition

Upgrading an OpenNebula instance is a relatively easy step, but now we have made this process even easier for corporate users. We have developed a tool called onecfg, a new command that is able to read all the changes and upgrade the configuration files of your OpenNebula cloud all at once. This is one of the exclusive Enterprise Tools available for customers as part of OneScape, the new extension that comes with the OpenNebula Subscription. In this article we will give you a brief introduction to this tool.


If you prefer a video-tutorial, have a look at the following screencast, which describes in detail the upgrade process outlined in this article:

OneScape Benefits

One of the most difficult steps when upgrading OpenNebula is to migrate all the configuration files to the new version. Packages overwrite your configuration files with new ones, so you need to check the differences between each other. Or, sometimes, some files are moved from one location to another, which makes it a bit more difficult.

To migrate configuration files to new version, that's what we have created onecfg for. This tool is designed for cloud administrators and only available via CLI. The tool is able to read all your configuration files and apply your changes to the new ones. It also checks if new directories have been created and is able to create them and move files to them automatically.

How to Install OneScape

Installation depends on the distribution, but mainly the only thing you need to do is configure the repository using your support token and install the package. For example, if we are using Centos7:

$ cat << EOT > /etc/yum.repos.d/onescape.repo
$ sudo yum install onescape
You can find here a complete guide about how to install the tool in other operating systems.

Upgrade Steps

The upgrade process contains a few steps:

  1. Preparation for the upgrade, basically you need to configure the new repository and stop all OpenNebula services.
  2. Packages upgrade, you upgrade all OpenNebula packages.
  3. Configuration files upgrade, this is the upgrade using the onecfg tool.
  4. Final checks, mainly you upgrade the OpenNebula database and check the consistency of it. Finally you start again all the services.
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