OpenNebula vs Broadcom VMware: Competitive Pricing Review

This report compares pricing for the OpenNebula and Broadcom VMware cloud management platforms,
and highlights those of OpenNebula’s key differentiators about which we receive the most consultations.
OpenNebula’s capabilities exceed the cloud management requirements of most enterprise and service
provider users, and in the particular case analyzed can yield up to x5 and x30 cost savings when using 2- or 4-CPU servers with 48 cores per CPU, respectively. We show how OpenNebula not only increases business value thanks to its lower capital and operational costs, but also provides greater flexibility with no vendor lock-in, offering simplicity of use and multiple features not available in VMware—such as native support for VMs without requiring additional management layers, or automatic provision of remote clusters for simple Multi-site, Hybrid and Edge cloud computing.

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