Planning Your Transition from LXD to LXC

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OpenNebula 6.0 comes with official support for LXC system containers. The goal of this new driver for managing LXC is to deprecate the old LXD driver. Because of this, existing infrastructure running LXD containers needs to be migrated for use with the new LXC driver.


Why Replace LXD with LXC?

The main reasons for replacing LXD with LXC support are:

  • LXC has fewer runtime dependencies and less overhead.
  • LXC can be easily upgraded to new versions. OpenNebula and LXD management of underlying storage conflicts, and the 3.0 model is no longer supported.
  • LXC is supported by more OS distributions than just Ubuntu.

LXD to LXC Migration Strategy

The main strategy for migrating an LXD host to LXC is described in the official OpenNebula Documentation.

Although we've tried to define the migration strategy to be as general and simple as possible, for some specific use cases (e.g. very large deployments) it can be a cumbersome process. If this strategy cannot be carried out in your environment for any reason, you can always contact OpenNebula’s support team so they can help you define and plan a specific migration path for your cloud.

LXD Support for Current Customers

In order to ease the LXD to LXC transition process, LXD will be officially supported for current deployments until the next LTS release (i.e. OpenNebula 6.4).

The aim of this is not to keep adding functionality to the driver but to provide enough time to cloud administrators to progressively migrate their infrastructure. During this time, the OpenNebula support team will be able to help with any problem that might arise during the process through the Customer Portal.



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