OpenNebula and VMware - Joint Solution Brief

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1.0 (March 14, 2019)

OpenNebula is an open source enterprise solution to manage data center virtualization and to build private cloud infrastructures. OpenNebula provides a multi-tenant, cloud-like provisioning layer on top of virtual infrastructures, including already existing infrastructure management solutions (like VMware vCenter). It delivers provisioning, elasticity and multi-tenancy cloud features including virtual data center provisioning, data center federation and hybrid cloud computing to connect in-house infrastructures with public cloud resources. With a single OpenNebula instance, one can manage distributed collections of vCenter instances across multiple data centers. And with the validation of OpenNebula on VMware Cloud on AWS, one can grow his or her on-premises infrastructure on-demand with remote vSphere-based cloud resources running on VMware Cloud on AWS, just as one could do with local VMware infrastructure resources. All this, in a matter of minutes.

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