Partner Program Guides

OpenNebula is the most advanced and flexible open-source platform for data center virtualization and enterprise cloud computing, offering unique, state-of-the-art features for cloud management and providing the integration capabilities that many enterprise IT shops need for internal cloud adoption. The OpenNebula software is certified and long-term, commercially supported for its operation in production environments. Strong partner relationships are the foundation of our company. Opennebula Systems business is mainly oriented to address channel requirements, providing our partners with a flexible, customizable cloud management technology to integrate, distribute, create and support their cloud solutions and products. The purpose of this guides is is to describe the OpenNebula Systems Partner Programs, aimed at developing solid alliances with business partners that understand Cloud technology and its applications. If you are planning to build an OpenNebula cloud for your internal operations or to offer a cloud service, you should refer to our Services Guide. 

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