Subscription Management Tools

This article provides information about the different subscription management web-based tools, and about how to designate your contacts for each tool.

1. Subscription Web-based Tools 

Partners and Customers with an active subscription have access to two different web-based tools.

Customer Support Portal is a technical support portal aimed at providing the professional support services and tools to integrate, build, certificate and manage production-ready cloud infrastructures and solutions. One account is created for each Technical Contact. Main features of Support Portal are:

  • Direct interactions with the integration and technical support team 
  • Online support portal with real-time tracking of incidents and support to add comments or attach more information at any time 
  • Alerts with email notifications when important situations arise
  • Privacy and security to ensure that your confidential corporate information always remains private.

Billing Portal (US, Europe and Worldwide)

The Billing Portal is the exclusive online information resource, providing a single dedicated web portal for all Customers to manage their active subscriber accounts. The Main Contact acts a primary contact in the Subscriber Portal, and an additional Administrative Contact can be added. It offers everything you need to manage your subscription:

  • View invoices and account statement
  • Submit Questions about invoicing and billing
  • Customer can notify additional services or servers 

2. Designating Your Contacts

When you enroll in one of our Subscription Programs, in the Order Form you give us the name of:

  • Main Contact
  • Technical Contact (some programs and levels allow the creation of several Technical Contacts) 

The Main Contact can update the contact information for all roles by sending an email to In any case, the Main Contact should ensure the information we have on file is kept accurate by updating them as necessary, such as when people change jobs. The Main Contact can also request the creation of additional Technical Contacts. Each of the contacts has defined roles and receives communications and instructions from OpenNebula Systems individually, tailored to their specific responsibilities, so it’s important that you seriously consider nominating specific people to fulfill each of the roles. In principle, and by default, Technical Contacts in one organization can not view tickets from other Technical Contacts in the same organization.

The Main Contact is your Organization's designated contact for all OpenNebula Systems communications regarding changes to the Agreement or other contractual issues. This contact is mandatory. If the Main Contact is the only contact specified, OpenNebula Systems will consider the Main Contact to be the sole contact for all purposes. Once OpenNebula Systems has processed your Order From, your Main Contact will receive a Welcome email that provides important information and explains how to access the Subscriber Portal. The Main Contact is also your Organization's designated primary contact for all administrative documents including notification of updates in your subscription and billing. You can also include an additional administrative contact in the Billing Portal.

The Technical Contact maintains authorizations for support-related Web and tool access, having access to the Customer Portal. Once OpenNebula Systems has processed your Order Form, the designated Technical Contact will receive a Support Welcome email that provides important information and explains how to access the Support Portal. 

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